Pinay Scandal – SEO Campaign Results

It was amazing to see just how many people would come up with searching for a certain phrase in the course of a day. Just imagine how many perverted phrases users would put into Google just to look for something to feed all that lust.

Pinay Scandal – SEO Campaign Results

Last October 9, 2008 Archon Digital launched a campaign both as a cause oriented post for awareness against exploitation of Filipina women as well as an SEO experiment to drive traffic to this site by maximizing for keywords related to Pinay Scandal.

[UPDATE July 17, 2011] This SEO contest and advocacy campaign against the exploitation of Filipinas has ended. The campaign that was launched in 2007 is no longer active and those who participated should delete the links and inform others.

The results were quite impressive as up to today the particular post has been a constant source of traffic for Archon Digital. It is also quite interesting to note that the Pinay Scandal post has one of the lowest bounce rates for content on my site.

I haven’t had time to get into specific metrics but a steady stream of traffic from 60 to 100 daily from search engines would always be welcome. I know this is still a small amount compared to most of the other Pinay Scandal articles out in the blogosphere but even so, considering I joined the Pinay Scandal bandwagon this late in the game, I am happy with the results. This Pinay Scandal SEO experiment by Marhil Macuha continously brings traffic to a lot of Pinoy blogs.

The campaign has taught me well on how to write better keyword optimized articles which attract a steadier stream of traffic from search engines. I’m now into exploring more keyword rich articles which will also attract a certain level of search engine traffic.

This doesn’t take me away from my goal of helping generate awareness and get all those sex scandals, adult dating, pornographic sites using Pinay as their keyword off the front page of Google. These types of articles do not in any way help in improving the world’s perception of a true Filipina or Pinay for that matter.

An online buddy of mine also published his own pinay scandal account. A rite of passage for the Pinoy blogger as he put it. Check out bendzg’s pinay scandal article containing a lot of information on pinay scandal video, pinay scandal free download, filipina girl, free filipina, pinay scandal youtube, iyottube pinay scandal, iyotube, filipina cams and free filipina girls.

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  1. bloggista says:

    So true. I got only one Pinay Scandal post, but it always gets lots of traffic daily. That is why I was wondering when will all these pervert searches will end.

    bloggista´s last blog post..Looking for Jobs? Queensland needs 120,000 skilled workers

  2. @bloggista: it might never end, more perverts are born everyday…

    The least we can do is piss off those perverts by making it harder for them to find what they are looking for.

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  4. my sanpablo says:

    great tips, ill be using your SEO “pinay sex scandal” techniques on my site,

    thanks alot!

  5. Great article! Great SEO tips. I’ll try to use “pinay sex scandal” as my main keyword to my next website. Thanks
    YourName@YourKeywords´s last blog post ..Proper Motivation to Stay Healthy and Fit

  6. Many thanks for the informative post. My wife’s calling me for dinner So I require to run off without having reading as much as I’d like. But I set your weblog on my RSS feed to ensure that I can study more.

  7. Well it doesn’t matter if the keyword phrase is good or bad. What matters is if it has searches and can drive money into it.
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  1. [...] December 5, 2008] A report on the Pinay Scandal campaign has just been [...]

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