Down the Drain: GMA Impeachment Raps Junked

A show of force or a reflection of stupidity. This is a sad day for true democracy in this country as lawmakers loyal to President Arroyo are once again successful at defeating another attempt at putting her on trial.

Down the Drain: GMA Impeachment Raps Junked

[Novermber 26, 2008] Today, members of the justice committee of the House of Representatives of the Republic of the Philippines has voted 42 against, 8 for impeachment of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The committee ruled that the compaint is insufficient in substance.

True democracy in the Philippines has died a long time ago. We have been subject to all the lies from all sides to each and every conflict that has risen out of this mob rule. The people are sick of everything that is happening in Philippine politics.

Those on top running the show all make decisions for the country as if it were their own private enterprise. The different political parties can be likened to numerous crime families pushing for policies that would benefit their own interests.

Spin has been the key mover in this country where the people who run the show gets to work with the best spin doctors in town. These spin people turn every rotten tomato into one big heap of “yummy” crap for all the masses to chew upon and swallow.

It makes me wonder where the Philippines will be headed in the years to come as every leader who has taken over has been charged with plundering the nation’s resources for their own interests.

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  1. Snow says:

    yeah, the junked impeachment complaint is such a stupid move. insufficient of substance? gosh. what about the nbn zte deal and the hello garci? aren’t those things have impact that the filipino people are being fooled too many times…tsk.tsk.. :(

    Snow´s last blog post..Pacquiao vs De La Hoya on HBO 24/7 (Episode 1)

  2. The decision was expected as Congressmen play everything like it’s a numbers game.

  3. bloggista says:

    Well, democrazy works. For the few. :-(

    bloggista´s last blog post..Make Money by Building Online Stores with Autoblogging Tools

  4. Caleb says:

    I find that this brand of democracy doesn’t work in the Philippines. Maybe it is time we re-organize things and shift away from all this politics of self-interest under the facade of democracy.

  5. bendz says:

    Well, they should have waited for the elections. They know they don’t have the numbers so every effort done was just made to make some people associated with the administration look like evil to the people which is pathetic. Besides, why oust a working president?

    bendz´s last blog post..New Batch of Certified Public Accountants (October 2008)

  6. @bendz: Democracy shouldn’t be a numbers game and I would beg to differ but your working president is not working for the people.

    @Caleb: I know our brand of democracy is the laughing stock of all Southeast Asia but I am loyal to my country and to the freedom that we are all entitled to.

    I am neither for the administration nor for the opposition. To me they are all the same. Put them in power and they will abuse it. We need change both the system and the structure and restore the government’s integrity through the proper means.

  7. Jaypee says:

    Sorry out of topic but I saw your tweet about your flight on Dec 8th. San ang punta mo?

    Jaypee´s last blog post..Christmas Giveaway

  8. @Jaypee: Dubai. I will publish a post about it.

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