WPDesigner SOLD for $66,000

WPDesigner SOLD for $66,000

Small Potato has sold WPDesigner for the huge sum of $66,000 dollars. This is a really good deal for a 21-month old, PR7 site. WPDesigner has been a great online resource with really useful wordpress themes and tutorials.

I’ve been following this since last week when Small Potato announced that WPDesigner is for sale to the highest bidder. It had me think about what would happen to the site after it gets sold.

According to Small Potato, the new owner, Pawel Ciszewski, will still continue with the recently launched Themes Club where I was able to join for free thanks to Themelab. Small Potato will also continue to guest post on WPDesigner as he goes on with his traveling.

Themes Club

We are all happy for Small Potato, I sure hope we’d get somewhere near the success of his work. At 21 with his entire life still ahead of him, he’s the real deal wordpress rockstar.

Which makes me think, what would a guy in Thailand at 21 years old do if he had $66,000 on your hand?

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  1. bloggista says:

    Hmmm. That’s a pretty sum already. In Thailand, you could buy a thousand nice almost real rolex, or some almost real women. Hehe. Just kidding. The Thais are like us Pinoys, warm, friendly people. I miss Bangkok already. Lived there for almost a year.

    bloggista’s last blog post..Footprints in the Sand

  2. He says he’s going to Phuket then everywhere else :)

    Well-deserved. A hefty sum for all his hardwork.

    So is Phuket back to normal now? I mean since that big wave hit a few years back…

  3. Ty Hurd says:

    Damn, that’s great for him! Goes to show hard work does pay off…

  4. Malan says:

    Pawel Ciszewski’s Problem

    It was recently announced that the popular WP Theme site wpdesigner.com was purchased by someone named Pawel Ciszewski. This has been fully covered on other sites and is not news at this point. The problem is… that neither is Pawel Ciszewski.


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