About Archon Digital

Hi, I’m Jon and I run Archon Digital.

I’m a front end developer who started out as a graphic designer in print before shifting to design and development on the web. Archon Digital is my personal blog, a repository of my thoughts, made available online.

Since 2005, I’ve been doing front end development and some work on servers both during work and in my free time. When I am not in front of a screen, I take photographs of the street life around me either in film or on digital.

I used to work in the Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office as technical lead in the development of the Official Gazette PH, Open Data PH and its other online initiatives. Last September (2015), me and some of my friends founded a tech startup / digital agency, Ten88 Digital, this is where I work now.

This is my personal website. What I post here, my views, rants, etc… does not in any way represent that of the office that I work for.