About Archon Digital

Hi, I’m Jon and I run Archon Digital.

I’m a front end developer who started out as a graphic designer in print before shifting to design and development on the web. Archon Digital is my personal blog / hobby site / creative outlet… a repository of my thoughts, unwittingly made available online.

Since 2005, I’ve been doing front end development and server admin work both during work and in my free time. When I am not in front of a screen, I take photographs of the street life around me either in film or on digital.

In what would seem like ages ago, I used to be technical lead of the Official Gazette PH, and Open Data PH. Founded a tech startup / digital agency in 2015 with some of my friends, Ten88 Digital, which closed shop in the middle of the pandemic.

I now work as an individual consultant for my local clients, and also as a web developer for an SEO marketing firm in the US.

This is my personal website. What I post here, my views, rants, etc… does not in any way represent that of the whichever office that I am currently attached to at the moment.