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This is the new normal

Today the Department of Health have announced a few more COVID-19 cases in Metro Manila, bringing the number of confirmed infected to 33 as of 6:00pm (March 10, 2020). The actual number may be higher as some analysts estimate the figure to be closer to 200 or more. Classes are suspended and some employers have […]

No longer on Webfaction hosting

Note: I wrote this last March 2019 and somehow got busy and never posted it. I am due to revamp my blog soon and will be breaking things again. There’s no real reason why I have to post this note here but I just wanted to see how reusable blocks work on Gutenberg. From 2009 […]

Chinatown and slums – Cities: Skylines – Republica de Malate – Episode 002

I’ve managed to squeeze in 4 hours of footage into two separate, 35-minute episodes building this city-state’s Chinese quarter. Major cities around the world have some sort of Chinatown in their areas and Republica de Malate is no exception. Located in Southeast Asia, Republica de Malate’s citizens are a mix of Malay, Filipino, Chinese, Spanish […]

Cities: Skylines – Republica de Malate – Episode 001

I just published the first of a series of videos I’m working on in my free time. I call this Republica de Malate and the setting is a fictional city-state located somewhere in Southeast Asia. I’ve played Cities: Skylines from the day it launched in 2015 and after almost 2000 hours on this game, I […]

Juan Luna St., Binondo, Manila

This man was actually making his way through the crowd while doing some muted strumming that only a fellow musician could recognize from a crowd. I first heard the percussive notes and quickly panned to my left and then found myself right in front of him, took the shot, exchanged smiles and moved on. Juan […]

Shooting street and totally forgetting about the photos.

Looking for opportunities where I can play around with light is always a thing that I’m on the lookout for. Most of the time I’d go out, walk a few kilometers, shoot and not get a single decent photograph. Somewhat disappointed, I’d end up shelving all my files for review at a later time and […]

Quiapo church.

Quiapo church.

I love how this makes me feel like I am looking at a painting. It’s as if time stood still with every one deciding to pose for a photo. Captured at 1/250 on one bright afternoon back in 2017, this photo was basically shelved and forgotten until I decided to run through my old photos […]

Still house cleaning

There’s a lot to clean up and fix on before I can begin development and migration into a new theme. Today I’ve managed to screw up the comments section by removing Facebook comments (and Disqus) and installing Jetpack, which I intend to keep as my commenting tool probably for the long term. Importing or […]