Manila by Night: Commuting in the Dark

A visually-impared, elderly man and his guide waits for a bus along EDSA in the late evening. This was taken during the just recently concluded APEC Ministerial and Economic Leaders’ meetings held in Manila from November 16 to 19. Night street photography can be very frustrating if you don’t have gear and glass that can […]

Streets of Manila: Carriedo Fountain

Got hold of the new Sony A7SII this Sunday and immediately took it for a walk from late afternoon to evening. I shot this right before the sun set, handheld at 1/5s, using the camera’s in-body image stabilization (IBIS). Non-Steadyshot (OSS) lenses can only make use of the camera body’s built-in stabilization hence the 3-axis. […]

Hold close to your heart

Hold close to your heart those that are dearest to you. And yes, I’m talking about your iPhone. The guy in the background didn’t take the man’s phone but just minutes later offered me a watch and an iPhone 6. He must be a good salesman, selling wares in the streets at night at such […]

Humans of San Andres Bukid: Not much to say

“Every day I fight these little battles inside. My mind is a warzone. To keep things to myself or to spill out my guts, I must be really terrible at this, for I fail, every single time.” Manong, Resident Tambay I This post is part of my Humans of San Andres Bukid series. I live […]

Humans of San Andres Bukid: Urban bliss

“…if we have not found the heaven within, we have not found the heaven without” James Hilton, Lost Horizon A kid refreshing himself from the urban heat with clean water. These are everyday scenes of people in this part of Manila where junkshops and homes exist right next to each other. In the background are […]