Manila bay, Sony A7SII and Jupiter 37A 135mm

I’d have to admit that yes, I am a gear addict. I love using and pushing whatever it is that is latest and within my reach. I also love vintage mechanical stuff, old printing machines, old cameras and lenses, mechanical watches, etc… Mirrorless cameras allow me to marry these two passions of mine into a […]

Star Wars: This is not the Rey you’re looking for

Star Wars: This is not the Rey you’re looking for   I know, this is not the Rey you’re looking for. Read this article about Rey just now, an interesting fan theory on who Rey is. Click through and read up. Spoilers are all over the article, so if you’re brave and haven’t seen the […]

Manila by Night: Not so lucky

Capitol Commoners braving the rain to get a ride home. I’ve been stuck in the vicinity of Capitol Commons in Pasig since 9:00pm due to that day’s traffic gridlock. And since I’m already soaked and bored, I took out my camera, wrapped it with a rain cover and started shooting. Uber was at x5 surge […]