Manila bay, Sony A7SII and Jupiter 37A 135mm

Click on image to view uncropped

I’d have to admit that yes, I am a gear addict.

I love using and pushing whatever it is that is latest and within my reach. I also love vintage mechanical stuff, old printing machines, old cameras and lenses, mechanical watches, etc…

Mirrorless cameras allow me to marry these two passions of mine into a single hobby and my street photography is the product of that passion. I may suck at shooting street, but I love every single moment of it.

I’ve been using the Jupiter 37A a lot more these past few days on my Sony A7SII on my night street shooting here in Manila. It’s fascinating how useful the images are even at an outrageously high ISO (up to 400k). The Jupiter 37A is a slow f/3.5 lens but works really well on this low light monster.

Taken using a MC Jupiter-37A 135mm f/3.5 KMZ lens at 1/20s f/4 ISO 12800. See image on Flickr for EXIF. Posted originally on my Instagram.

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