Lesson of the Day

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What would you do or how would you react if you got hell after volunteering or providing a solution to what you thought was an impending production problem at work?

How did I react? I just took it as hell came, neither smiling nor showing any sign that I was affected whatever was said. Of course I cursed and swore silently in my mind after the incident, but that’s just to let some of the steam out. The whole day proceeded without much difficulty (difficulty defined here as nothing f@#!%d up real bad) so I was able to finish a lot of work.

It was the usual “lets-do-something-about-it-since-we’ll-end-up-doing-it-any-way” kind of inquiry.

I was not volunteering anything though, just suggesting a solution since I knew the job would end up bothering us when its deadline got near. My mistake was that I assumed that we were being directed to do so (work on the problem), and so I did. I enjoy what I do at work and this is just one of those days where I just didn’t want to screw up just because I got upset in the morning.

Lesson learned: Never assume anything, never volunteer for anything and never account for anything (at least for this department) if everybody else gets away with it, then why can’t the overlord.

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