Chinatown and slums – Cities: Skylines – Republica de Malate – Episode 002

I’ve managed to squeeze in 4 hours of footage into two separate, 35-minute episodes building this city-state’s Chinese quarter.

Major cities around the world have some sort of Chinatown in their areas and Republica de Malate is no exception. Located in Southeast Asia, Republica de Malate’s citizens are a mix of Malay, Filipino, Chinese, Spanish and Indonesian cultures. It’s architecture is also a cosmopolitan mix of various architectural styles that both contrasts and complements with each other over time. These next two episodes would cover the Chinatown parts of this project.

Republica de Malate is run by a strongman by the way, as the Tropico 6 reference suggests in the introduction. More on that on future episodes.

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