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I went for a brief walk in Chinatown with a friend last August and captured this young man pulling an overloaded cart as I was about to sit down on a bench. Carts like these are the lifeblood of businesses in this district. It also appears most of these workers appear to be minors or out-of-school youth, too young to have to endure heavy labor and should be in school.

Naramdaman ko yung hirap” (I felt his hardship), was one of the most heartfelt comments I received from this, otherwise the image lacked a lot in composition and framing according to a majority of those reviewed this. I would agree with them all, I took this image in a split second without considering the framing, there was a wall against my back which prevented me from backing away further and I was too big to get it from a really low angle.

Taken with a Sony A6000 and a Leica Summicron-M 1/2:35mm ASPH 35mm lens at 1/1000s f/4 ISO 3200.See image on Flickr for EXIF. Posted originally on myInstagram.

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