Buhay Jeepney: Are we there yet?

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A commuter looking out the window of a jeepney bound for San Andres, Manila. Taken last December 17, 2016 near Robinson’s Place Manila in Ermita.

* * *

I’ll be honest with you. These days I’d mostly take an Uber or GrabCar when getting around the Metro. Only because most of where I need to go would take longer if I took a jeep. But that said, I still love taking photos of these old beasts and the people they ferry from location to location.

* * *

It can get expensive taking Uber every single day but a lot of times it is more practical than taking three different jeepneys just to get to where you need to go. I’d ride a jeep here around Malate and Ermita when I only need to get around for a few blocks. Maybe soon I’d be brave enough to take my camera out while inside crowded jeepneys so I could take candid photos from inside.

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