Tsambatography 101: Avoid getting hit by bikes.

Click on image to view uncropped

Walking along Ongpin Street in Binondo (Chinatown) in Manila, I almost missed this shot because I remembered having to quickly step back to not get myself hit by the motorbike that I captured in the foreground.

Reminding myself that awareness of your surroundings and reflexes matter. Keep safe while taking pictures on the street.

I’ve seen too many Final Destination movies so I’d somewhat consider myself a pro at being a paranoid freak when it comes to what could go horribly wrong.

Anyway all this talk is just me trying to fill in this post with a bunch of copy so it wouldn’t look so empty and void of context. People these days rely on AI for that and I find that iffy, unnatural, very fake. Imagine if I actually asked AI to fill this in with some text by coining some prompt about motorcycles and street photography on ChatGPT? I always wondered if one can pull that off, having AI write in your style… or not — without losing one’s own voice.

Again, just me manually filling in this post with copy. No AI used. Just plain, boring me.

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