I sold my Sony A6000 for cheap, that, and a little Toy Story moment

It was a happy goodbye to my Sony A6000. We’ve had good times but it’s time to probably try out a Ricoh GR or Fuji X100V.

I got this camera at the height of its popularity back in 2014 and has been with me everyday until late 2015 when I upgraded to full frame.

The Sony Alpha A6000, which was Sony’s rebrand of the NEX system, had phenomenal autofocus and was capable of shooting continuously at 11 fps with subject tracking with its then brand new Bionz X processor. It was virtually uncontested in its features for its price range when it first came out.

This is also the camera that got me back to actively shooting since my last proper camera was from more than a decade back and anything I had in between just didn’t measure up. I convinced myself (Edit: I didn’t need convincing) to get this after finding myself on work trips abroad armed with only my smart phone to take pictures and finding it wasn’t enough.

Since upgrading to full frame, my beloved A6000 spent most of its life on shelves, or with friends learning to shoot cameras, but mostly on shelves until I got rid of my full frame. But by this time I was too preoccupied with work and other hobbies and would almost always have a pocket camera with me instead.

During the pandemic, the camera got dusted off and saw some action again as it spent its last days with me as a Zoom webcam during the endless work-from-home meetings, typical of this lockdown era.

Me getting sentimental and having this Toy Story moment, and seeing this as an unworthy retirement/repurposing of such a classic, I decided it should better spend its days in the hands of a new camera enthusiast who also happens to be a friend.

So, I dusted the camera off, and got it together with some of its friends (camera accessories) and almost practically gave it away.

Happy 🥲 ending.

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