Luneta debate society

Long before those Fliptop rap battles were being posted on Youtube, there were these guys who would debate every late Sunday afternoons and evenings at the Luneta near the chess plaza. They would debate on any topic ranging from politics to religion, from everyday life to science. Taken with a Sony A6000 using a Nikkor […]

Manila Street Photography: Cigar man. POV

I was with a group of four on one of those roughly planned photo walks, in the rain, on our way to the port area when we ran into this man who just lit up a cigar. “Sayang“, I said while motioning with my hand and camera if I could shoot so as not to […]

Packed train station

Started the day early since it was the 4th day of the Papal visit and was anticipating thick crowds and closed streets. There was a slight drizzle and people were using the lenght of the LRT along Taft avenue as a giant covered walkway. All available entrances to LRT stations along Taft avenue were full […]

Mona Lisa Mobbed

It’s literally the most famous painting in the world as no other painting is visited by droves of tourists that line up all day and push against each other, just to catch a glimpse, or take an obligatory selfie, of this masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci. Honestly, I was more amused with the idea of […]