People Power – Worth It or Worthless?

It bothers me that to this day, no significant political change can cure this lingering cancer of corruption in our nation. This malignant and ruptured anomaly continues to worsen our people’s way of life. It has grown to the point where we all have to make a stand and face this problem head on. I […]

Pantone Goe: Is it Worth the Switch?

Pantone’s latest product, the PANTONE® Goe System is a completely new color inspiration / specification system introduced last September 2007. Our team received our own set just this January 2008 and we have been tinkering with it (and still learning) since. Here is our first encounter and review of the good and not so good […]

A Blank WordPress Theme

Sometime middle of 2007, I found this blank wordpress theme and started using it as a base for theme designs I am working on. Tinkering with it helped me learn about creating a fully widgetized theme by editing and adding a few lines to the functions.php and sidebar.php files. The CSS file has german comments which is […]