Car shows get all the love

The car show event was full of photographers taking pictures of ‘not cars’.

Macy Sablad. She asked if I could send her the photo that I took of her.

So in one of my walks last Saturday, I ran into this car show event being setup mid-afternoon.

The car show event had a booth that gave out free energy drinks, which was perfect, since I must’ve walked four kilometers by then and was already contemplating getting a caffeine fix. But it was early, the sun was still up and I was really wanting to catch more light for my street photography more than anything else, and so I move.

I went to the Paseo Palisoc Circle, a waterfront promenade located behind the Folk Arts theatre and beside the Coconut Palace in the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Complex, took a bunch of photos, rested a bit and started heading home after it got dark.

On my way back, I went through the same route and back into the car show which was in full swing by then.

The car show event was full of photographers taking pictures of ‘not cars’. The cars are there just for color reference. But hey, who comes to a car show to take pictures of cars anyway? Maybe I shouldn’t be into street photography at all, these other guys seem to get all the fun.

I noticed there weren’t many taking photos of these engineering marvels.
I’m not good at this, so I didn’t bother to get her name, let me know in case you know want to tag the person.

You had a mix of car enthusiasts and pedestrian traffic and the set up was quite dark for an outdoor gig. I took a photo of one of the engines of a Japanese-made car that was being showcased, lighting it with my Lumecube, which will later come in handy once I start shooting some of the models.

As most car shows go, at least based on the ones I ended up being in, on top of all the mechanical contraptions, the sheer amounts of horsepower being revved, the booze, the lights, the custom boom boxes, the ‘not cars’, all that organized chaos, it’s like walking into a perfectly tuned machine.

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