It’s more fun in the Philippines – vector and raster template

Note: The Department of Tourism has released a new logo and typeface for the tourism campaign of the Philippines. Check it out on their website. I’m keeping these old logos here (and fixed the original download links) for documentation purposes.

The Department of Tourism’s new brand campaign to attract visitors to the country focuses on the country’s core strength, which they say singles out what no other destination can offer— the Filipino people.

Filipinos are already known around the world as a happy and cozy bunch and this campaign which encourages our people to contribute their own artwork takes all that to a new level. What used to be “More than the usual” and “Wow” is now a slogan which we can truly relate to as a people.

Do your part. Create some positive buzz.

Here are download links to vector and raster files I made and some links to how-to articles and studies done by others to help inspire you to create your own “More fun in the Philippines” artwork:

Note: You will need Adobe Photoshop or any other image editing program to edit and use the PNG files and Abode Illustrator or any other vector editing application to edit the EPS files. EPS files from Illustrator can be copied and pasted into Photoshop as a Smart Object which will allow you more flexibility in creating your own “It’s more fun in the Philippines” artwork.


Other Images from DOT

I’ll be posting my own studies which you can use and share to help in promoting tourism in Philippines. Until then, I hope you’d find the template files helpful.

Featured: Buhay Jeepney series.

Hey guys, thank you for checking out this page. Now if it won’t be too much of a hassle, please check out my street photography series on jeepneys.

Whether you love it or hate it, a time will come when Jeepneys will have to give way to more modernized and ecologically-sound means of mass transit. My goal in this series is to capture these moments while they are still around.

Buhay Jeepney

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