New Year 2017, back to old domain

Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene (Quiapo Church), Plaza Miranda, Quiapo, Manila.

Yes, I know it’s been weeks too late, but it’s still January and it’s also Chinese New Year now, so this still counts as a New Year’s post.

The blog is now fully migrated back to and if you’re wondering why I moved it in the first place, and why I keep moving it around, everything is part of an experiment I’m doing for my other projects.

You see, I’ve never hidden the fact that this website is also my playground for figuring out things, from tinkering with whatever is new in web design and in UX, in SEO and with whatever is new about WordPress or other tech.

I’ve also been very busy with our tech startup, Ten88 Digital, and we have a lot of exciting things coming this year, so watch out for that. I’ll be blogging more of that soon.

My posts the past year has been focused on my street photography which has developed into a sort of a serious hobby of mine and so you’d be able to see how I’ve progressed, or NOT, in my journey with tinkering with light and documenting life around me. Photography has been my creative outlet these past two years and it’s something that I’m really very passionate about and I’d like to share more about what I do when I take photos in the street.

This brings me to what I’ve been up to lately, prepping to start a vlog on what I do and I’m pretty serious about starting one within the new few weeks, or within this quarter.

I started Archon Digital in 2007, so it’s now my 10th year blogging on a self-hosted platform this year, so I would want to come up with something new for myself and it seems I’m strongly convinced that I should start vlogging. I’ve been blogging since 2003 (Blogspot/Blogger days) and since 2007, on a self-hosted WordPress platform. My Youtube channel has also been around since 2007 but I haven’t really taken it seriously and have been putting off on expanding into video as a platform for the past six or seven years.

2017 will be an interesting year for me.

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