The Jesus cabbie #ihateMondays

Starting to change my schedule to an early morning one by taking my kids to school, so this in effect revives my #ihateMondays series again because of the commute. That, and I’m off to a meeting in two hours.

Status update | 19 June 2016

Jesus cabbie

Music was comforting, you close your eyes and all of a sudden it takes you on a long country road trip. An old, almost empty Greyhound travelling the back roads making its way to Nashville, TN.

But the driver’s song is on repeat and we’re stuck in traffic, in Manila, so this will have to be my LSS for the week. I noticed the driver listens intently, he stops the music, adjusts his phone and proceeds to play the SAME song AGAIN but in a different style.

I’m thinking, church musician, maybe learning a new song. I was once a church musician, BTW, a very long story, but that’s how I met my wife.

Disclosure: I’m not into country music, never got into it, and so having the same song in a different style will help me get rid of the country tune in my head. But still, it’s the same damn song. It doesn’t help that the last line goes, ‘turning back’ repeatedly, and the song is on repeat, so yeah… ‘no turning back’ for me. The song reminds me of  ‘Life is a highway’ in the movie Cars.

Change did not come

Like everyone else, my Jesus cabbie was human like the rest of us. He did not give me my exact change, he did not give any change at all. Yes, the driver was playing Christian music, could’ve been a church musician, but still human. What a way to witness to a regular passenger. You could see his struggle in his eyes, I just smiled and got off the cab. He let out a nice and sweet ‘God bless you’ as I closed the door. 

That last bit got to me, scamming me for a few bucks and the using the ‘God bless you’ card.

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