This is the new normal

Today the Department of Health have announced a few more COVID-19 cases in Metro Manila, bringing the number of confirmed infected to 33 as of 6:00pm (March 10, 2020).

The actual number may be higher as some analysts estimate the figure to be closer to 200 or more. Classes are suspended and some employers have opted to have people work from home.

My passion for documenting everyday life in the streets has not waned. In fact, I am itching to go out and document how the people of Manila will cope with all of this.

But we have in our family loved ones who are in their senior years and could not afford to catch this virus.

And so I will have to resign myself to tinkering with my camera and shoot indoors for now. We have three dogs and two cats, plus my kids, which will keep me occupied for now. I’d choose to take extra precaution and not shoot in the streets as often for now. Just maybe until this epidemic blows over.

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