Updating my neglected blog to WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg

Neglected, not abandoned.

Yes, archondigital.com is still very much alive. I’ve been as always, consistently inconsistent with updating content on this for as far as I could remember. A lot of this has to do with me being busy (I’ve given this excuse here numerous times too) but that really is what it is, I got a lot going on in real life that I find myself struggling to write my stories here.

I love that I can add cover images now just using the default WordPress editor.

Gutenberg galore.

This week while I’ve been rushing to meet several deadlines, WordPress 5.0 gets shipped out. I had to stop, adjust my work to accommodate the latest version and with it, Gutenberg.

I’ve been anticipating the work I had to do once Gutenberg launches and I’ve taken steps to prepare all the websites that I manage to transition to this with as little hiccups as possible. For a little over a month now, I’ve had it running on some of the other websites that I manage but have never really used it myself.

The user feedback I’ve gathered was mostly positive. The feedback comes from some of my bravest clients and those of my editor and writer friends who really got to use the new editor on a daily basis the past few weeks.

I think most of the negative feedback has come from the fear of trying out something new.

myself, trying the quote block on Gutenberg

Changing something that you’ve been so used to using (and hating) can be a challenge. A lot the negative feedback from using Gutenberg has come from the fear of trying out something new.

WordPress has no choice but to evolve. A lot of people are staring to prefer website builders as they are getting quite good and more practical for some lately. I’ve seen friends who would usually approach me in the past for a quick website, approach me these days to coach them how to use website builders like Wix and Squarespace.

I’d love to see WordPress evolve further and Gutenberg is one of the best decisions that Automatic has made IMHO.

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