Status update | 6 December 2018

Played GTAV when I had nothing to play to test on my livestreaming rig while prepping for a client event.

just test streaming for an event later… what better way to test than to goof around in #GTAVPosted by Archon Digital on Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Status update | 8 February 2018

So, it’s 2018 now.

It’s February and this is the first time I’m posting in months. I’ve neglected this blog for quite some time and this space doesn’t deserve to be neglected as such.

Status update | 15 August 2017

Uber is gone for now and I want to write something about the entire fiasco as it affects me and my family a great deal. But I will not write it without first waiting for my anger to subside. I want to fair; to Uber, to the LTFRB and to Taxi drivers and yes, even to Taxi operators.