Lost in Space

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If only he can come up with the “good idea” then he wouldn’t be scanning the vastness of space and squeezing it dry just to get one.

Don’t reinvent the wheel, why are you making it complicated? Google it up, and take it from there, tell me, do I have to repeat myself?

The thought gets in archon’s mind but perhaps it is the archon’s way, his methodology when coming up with something new out of thin air. His way of getting ideas out without copying other people’s work or without trying to repeat his own ideas.

Time is short and they only pay so much that thinking should not be an option.

Getting to cough up something half-baked or repeating an old idea has always been a sort of last resort for the overlord ever since he decided to take on his role as a lowly graphic designer. But due to time constraints archon has decided to pull up that new idea from his rotten old backpack of magic tricks.

Cut N’ Paste

Life can be soooo easy if one has chosen not to take the path less taken.

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