No Hero

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One cannot always be a hero, but one can always be human.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Benevolence or heroic antics?

Archon would never play hero for the sake of being credited for something heroic, not for anything, whether it be about work or family. Helping should be something natural, something you would enjoy doing and not something which is forced upon you.

Maybe sometimes the overlord would step in to solve or prevent certain problems from happening. But still he never makes a conscious effort to grab any credit for things he’s accomplished.

He doesn’t have to.

Most of the time credit finds a way to end up where it is due no matter how long it takes and even if someone else takes it from you. To the overlord, it doesn’t matter anyway. It should all be part of a hard day’s work.

It used to feel good to be someone’s hero.

The Archon used to think that helping out can be very fulfilling. He used to believe that it doesn’t have to be something significant or life-changing, it doesn’t even have to involve money. He used to think that the** **little things you do for others can make a difference.

There are others however who view helpfulness as something else, as a sinister plot to gain another individual’s trust, have them let their guard down and striking when they least expect it.

Politics in the workplace can get very dirty. So dirty that helpfulness can sometimes be seen as a way for someone to gain influence over another.

The idea of this sort of thinking greatly disgusts the Archon.

In a stupid but still calculated mistake, the overlord has opted to speak out his mind, voice out his opinion, “I’m no hero nor am I playing that role”, but to the unenlightened, all this does not matter at all.

Lesson learned: The Archon has chosen never to let his guard down ever again.

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