Needs a Re-design

Update: This is an old archived post on this site and is only kept online for my own archival purposes. The content and images on this post this might be outdated and incomplete. Please do not sue me if the Internet breaks because you read this.

This site needs some drastic changes in its basic design.

Posted during the 2nd version of Archon Digital

I played around with different types of wordpress loops as well as other cross-browser hacks in CSS to help get this site to look the way it is. It is nowhere near perfect, but hey I’m no blog superstar anyway. Not yet, should be more like it.

But now that I’m more confident in twisting and mangling wordpress, and also a bit more capable on CSS2 and other web 2.0 stuff, I feel now is the time to start with a better Months of working on several wordpress powered sites (more on that after I redesign this site) has placed archon-digital in the backseat. Not much posting going on here the past months.

Work has also gotten in the way. Yes, my day job is a pretty demanding working environment which has taught me a lot these past four years. I am on vacation by the way which explains why I can actually post in the morning.

All of the stuff I learned the past few months will get applied here on my site when I’m done redesigning.

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