Setting My Priorities Right

The past five years has been a on-and-off relationship between me and blogging. I can never figure out why I could not last for a few months posting regularly. Over the course of five years, I have been able to setup numerous personal blogs but never actually run them properly. Was I lacking in something? Technical know-how? Writing skills? Job security?

On writing

I always knew I could write. Just let me be by myself and I’d be off writing something in my head. My problem sometimes is that I played safe most of the time that I was afraid to let my thoughts out into the blogosphere as it could somehow backfire and even cost me my day job or something.


I knew I can design a decent website. My present work requires me to design landing pages for e-mail newsletters and other marketing activities which led me to learn more about the subject twisting and tweaking wordpress loops, basic php, xhtml and such. But it was always easier for me to design for other people at work or elsewhere rather than make designs that would please myself.

I could never get a blog running and constantly posting for more than a few months at a time. There was no focus and it seems I lacked inspiration and time or was just so stressed with my day job and everything else around me to be able to properly run a blog.


**** 2008 will be the year that I will give a lot of energy into blogging for myself for a change. It will not be just for money, (though, money is very much a part of it) but more for self-gratification for being able to run the site in a more professional manner, build up my community and reap the benefits of my efforts.

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