Tossed Data Salad

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Why Me?

How would you feel if you find out that your personal financial data or “profile” ends up sitting on top of a telemarketers desk and getting tossed from one telemarketing firm to the next? This is a very serious matter everyone should look into as most of these telemarketers appear to not have proper training on how to make a sale without pissing off the person on the other end of the line.

One example of this was during the past week a call came in during office hours inquiring if Archon was interested as he was “pre-approved” on a new credit card. After declining politely, he then put down the phone and went on with his tasks. Only thirty minutes would pass when another amateur telemarketer calls again, this time asking if Archon could confirm the information he has on the “pre-approved” application. “What information the Archon asked?” being curious on as to how his data was obtained, he inquired. The telemarketer was naive enough to admit that his profile was just passed on from the other telemarketer person (same dude who called 15 minutes ago) in the hopes of luring the archon into submission. “How did you get that information?” Archon asked. The telemarketer promptly replied that it was from a previous credit application form which Archon filled up recently. Surprisingly it had records of how many cards along with the card numbers the Archon has as well as how much debt he’s into at the moment.


What the hell does “pre-approved” really mean? Technically form Archon’s point-of-view, being “pre-approved” is just a way of telling a person that his financial profile checks out and can apply for a given service which in this case is a credit card application. People can get “pre-approved” for other telemarketing crap such as loans, insurance, travel packages, etc… Personally the Archon thinks that the term is gravely misleading and is indeed devised as a way to lure the newbies (potential first-time credit card holders) into their trap.

Keep it Private

Be careful when divulging credit or any personal information online or over the phone. It’s like what our parents used to teach us on not talking to strangers but just in a more complicated way. Archon remembers filling out a credit limit increase form a few months back which is consistent to the information that the telemarketer has on him. Sadly, the request was coursed through the proper channels from inside the bank so it was assumed that the sensitive data will remain confidential. How the information got out should be the bank’s fault.

What Do You Think?

Archon ended up the unwelcome phone call by obliterating the said telemarketer using a high-voltage, electronic surge of aggressiveness which made it to the other end of the line entering the ear lobe of the telemarketer permanently rendering it useless.

Drop a line or two and let’s talk about what you think about too much amateur telemarketing going on.

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