Shooting street and totally forgetting about the photos.

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Looking for opportunities where I can play around with light is always a thing that I’m on the lookout for. Most of the time I’d go out, walk a few kilometers, shoot and not get a single decent photograph. Somewhat disappointed, I’d end up shelving all my files for review at a later time and focus my attention on something else. This process then repeats itself over time, and months would sometimes go by and I would completely forget that I even took photos until I open up Lightroom and sift through what would by then be months of images.

Open-air, wet market along Gen. Kalentong St., Mandaluyong City. August 27, 2018. Originally posted on my Instagram (@archondigital).

And so, fast forward to February 2019 while going through my Lightroom library, I find this image of a man carrying a child in a wet-market along Gen. Kalentong Street in Mandaluyong. I took this photo while I was with fellow street photographer Jonathan Hodder (@jonathan.hodder) who I took earlier in the afternoon to for a walk from Remedios, going through San Andres and Singalong and then to Zapanta Street in Malate, near my old neighorhood. This photo in Kalentong was taken right before we split up when I was about to go home.

It’s funny how I’m writing now about our walk in Zapanta over an image taken in Kalentong, a totally different area of the metro, but I think that Zapanta walk deserves its own post. That is, when I get around to writing about it… we’ll see, maybe soon.

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