Juan Luna St., Binondo, Manila

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This man was actually making his way through the crowd while doing some muted strumming that only a fellow musician could recognize from a crowd. I first heard the percussive notes and quickly panned to my left and then found myself right in front of him, took the shot, exchanged smiles and moved on.

Juan Luna Street in Binondo gets very busy around the holiday season and this photo was taken right around the start of December of 2016. Vendors would be selling all kinds of wares and gifts and what made walks like this interesting is bumping into random people on their guitar. Back around 2014 to 2016, I’d go out regularly and wherever I am in the city. It helped that I was living in Malate and was pretty much close to all the places I would normally want to shoot in. That changed when I moved to another neighborhood which did not afford me the luxury (or maybe convenience) of just walking to wherever.

Shot this photo on my old Sony A7SII along Juan Luna St., Binondo, Manila. December 3, 2016. Originally posted on my Instagram.

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