MacBook Pro hard drive and Mavericks install goes kaput

grey laptop keypad

A few days ago, the hard drive on the 17″ MacBook Pro (July 2011) I’ve been using for work has died. It stopped working after I ran into an error with OS X Mavericks’ installation.

I had to copy my files via terminal using the recovery start up on OS X so I could work on them from my two backup machines: an Intel i5 Samsung laptop and my trusty Intel i7  (Gaming) rig.

Though I always encounter hardware issues that need fixing, this is the first time in years that I encountered one on a machine I’ve been using and also my first time on a Mac.

I could not work as fast as I am used to when working on the MacBook Pro.

Oh Windows 8, Why art thou so-not-friendly-to-me?!!!

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