Firefox 3 Download Day: Setting a New World Record

Update: This is an old archived post on this site and is only kept online for my own archival purposes. The content and images on this post this might be outdated and incomplete. Please do not sue me if the Internet breaks because you read this.

Today is D-Day. I got a friendly e-mail reminder from on Download Day (17:00 UTC on June 18, 2008) for the official release of Firefox 3. The guys from Mozilla Foundation are on a mission to set a Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours. Firefox 3 is Mozilla’s latest stable release of the browser which boasts of a ton of new features and significant performance improvements over the previous version which I discussed in an

article I wrote a few months back.

After successfully downloading and installing the browser on my home computer, I went to the office and began my Firefox 3 Download Day session as well. So far, download speeds have started to slow down, almost to a halt, from where I’m at. One can only imagine the load on their servers as the millions who pledged started downloading almost simultaneously. The Mozilla Blog is reporting that they were able to exceed the 1.6 million first day download record of Firefox 2 within only the first five hours of releasing Firefox 3.

On my previous article on Firefox Beta 4, one of the issues raised by my readers and myself was the lack of compatibility with Linky, which seems to be a favorite tool by people on Entrecard. I personally like using Linky for Entrecard dropping as it has its advantages, but lately I have not been able to use the add-on.

Another weird issue I encountered was that I was able to use Linky and on both firefox 2 and Firefox 3 at the same time on my PC though I was not able to duplicate the same feat on my other computers.

Let’s help get the word out and start switching over to Firefox 3.

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