Number One Dad: Special Father’s Day Wine Label

Update: This is an old archived post on this site and is only kept online for my own archival purposes. The content and images on this post this might be outdated and incomplete. Please do not sue me if the Internet breaks because you read this.

Father’s Day had me work on a special wine label to be pasted to some real expensive wine bottles which was given to top male executives from corporate clients of the hotel. I had to prepare something personalized and quick yet remain classy.

The idea was to come up with an elegant gift for that defines fatherhood and dads in general by comparing them to vintage wine. The label would also contain a personalized “Chateu du ” It was a sweet idea for a gift and my job was to execute the design.

Desktop publishing is not an option even if the quantity required was quite few, so off I go to the press for this job. The finished product was a 2-color duotone combination of spot black and PMS 871C with the words “No. 1 Dad” imprinted on gold foil. Printing was run over in KPJ Press by Paul Ng, one of my favorite printing presses.

Personalization of the labels was made possible by running the label through a laser printer and imprinting each name using Adobe InDesign’s powerful data merge feature.

The labels turned out to be classy and fit the bottles they were placed on perfectly.

It also turned out to be the perfect gift for my Dad and myself. Happy Father’s Day!

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