Getting back into it

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Sometime between December of 2021 and January of 2022 or roughly two years since the pandemic hit, I found myself outside shooting on the streets again.

The pandemic changed so much of my routine and by this time I have eased into our new lifestyle. It was also how I got reacquainted with my neighborhood, “discovering” all its hidden gems, tiny restaurants, burger joints, Korean groceries, all the shops…

This is Ana. She became friends with my wife along with all the people working in this eatery. We have grown quite close to the people here during the pandemic. Posted originally on my Instagram.
No vaccine, no entry. Typical signage you would now see around these parts.

Since it was such a chore to try to venture out far to do errands, I found myself frequenting the mini-groceries or the talipapa near our home to get basic necessities. That, combined with using GrabMart for getting the usual groceries, made going out to be such a waste of time.

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