Hold close to your heart

Hold close to your heart those that are dearest to you. And yes, I’m talking about your iPhone. The guy in the background didn’t take the man’s phone but just minutes later offered me a watch and an iPhone 6. He must be a good salesman, selling wares in the streets at night at such […]

Humans of San Andres Bukid: Not much to say

“Every day I fight these little battles inside. My mind is a warzone. To keep things to myself or to spill out my guts, I must be really terrible at this, for I fail, every single time.” Manong, Resident Tambay I This post is part of my Humans of San Andres Bukid series. I live […]

Happy Halloween

This was an accidental click. It was pitch black and I was just trying to measure the light and take a photo of the metalwork when this figure literally popped into my frame as my eye was on the EFV, startling me. I almost jumped, but found myself clicking as I was catching my breath. […]

Master and follower, Paris

A man and his tiny dog, walking the streets of Paris. The last time I was here in Paris{:target=”_blank”}, I only had an iPhone 5s with me and used that to shoot around{:target=”_blank”}. Taken with a Sony A6000 and a Leica Summicron-M 1/2:35mm ASPH 35mm lens at 1/400s f/2.8 ISO 320. See image on Flickr{:target=”_blank”} […]

Humans of San Andres Bukid: Eksena sa Jeep

Jeepney passenger at the intersection of San Andres St. corner Osmeña Ave., Manila. This post is the first in my Humans of San Andres Bukid and Commuting in Manila series, a subset of my Streets of Manila set of images. Taken with a Sony A6000 and a Nikon Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 AI-S lens at 1/125s […]

Binondo, Manila

I went for a brief walk in Chinatown with a friend last August and captured this young man pulling an overloaded cart as I was about to sit down on a bench. Carts like these are the lifeblood of businesses in this district. It also appears most of these workers appear to be minors or […]

Luneta debate society

Long before those Fliptop rap battles were being posted on Youtube, there were these guys who would debate every late Sunday afternoons and evenings at the Luneta near the chess plaza. They would debate on any topic ranging from politics to religion, from everyday life to science. Taken with a Sony A6000 using a Nikkor […]

Manila Street Photography: Cigar man. POV

I was with a group of four on one of those roughly planned photo walks, in the rain, on our way to the port area when we ran into this man who just lit up a cigar. “Sayang“, I said while motioning with my hand and camera if I could shoot so as not to […]

Bayaw by the river

It was raining, we were stuck in traffic and passed under a bridge and this is where I found this man taking a nap on the levee by the river. Taken with a Sony A6000 using a Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 AI-S lens at 1/60s f/1.2 ISO 1600. See image on Flickr for EXIF. Posted originally […]