Facebook for Business Philippines launch

Facebook announced the opening of its offices in Manila along with their launch of Facebook for Business Philippines this Thursday morning of April 21 at an event held at the Shooting Gallery in Makati. In a Facebook post, Dan Neary, Facebook’s vice president for the Asia Pacific region mentioned the Philippines as “a highly engaged […]

Debunking Five Nights In Pyongyang – East Asia Tribune

This Saturday morning, I woke up to this well-written article entitled, Five Nights in Pyongyang, supposedly from accounts of an investigative journalist going by the byline Chu Jingyi, for a publication called the East Asia Tribune. It was an awesome read, too awesome you’d be left asking if the story checks out at all. Read […]

Star Wars: This is not the Rey you’re looking for

Star Wars: This is not the Rey you’re looking for   I know, this is not the Rey you’re looking for. Read this article about Rey just now, an interesting fan theory on who Rey is. Click through and read up. Spoilers are all over the article, so if you’re brave and haven’t seen the […]

How to load Clearing Lightbox using a URI hash on Foundation 5

I want to share how I made the Clearing Lightbox feature of Foundation 5 to be triggered by adding a location hash in your URI. The idea is to be able to share a page and, by adding a hash, have it load with the gallery already open when sharing photos or other media. I […]

How to Disable Disqus & Google Adsense when running Jekyll on localhost

When I migrated my WordPress website to Jekyll, one of the things that I forgot to do was disable Disqus comments and Google Adsense on my localhost when running Jekyll locally. It was one of those things that I used to do from PHP when I was still on WordPress. This had me end up […]

Killing in the name

They start ’em young. While on my way to test a friend’s vintage lens in the street, I ran into a procession, mostly of children taking turns carrying a replica of the Nazarene in a procession on one of the side streets of Manila. This while the religious and some of our so-called “statesmen” call […]

Heroes, the SAF44

They served and laid down their lives to protect our liberties. The very liberties that allow us to live free and speak our minds, no matter what our opinions are, are the very same liberties that they have fought and died for. The very liberties that allow me to post this tribute is because of […]