Help Eugene Geronimo a.k.a. @Ugin_x, a fellow street photographer, in his battle with cancer

My friend and fellow street photography hobbyist, Eugene Geronimo, a.k.a., @ugin_x, was diagnosed in October of last year with nasopharyngeal cancer. We used to go and shoot the streets of Manila together before he became ill. Eugene’s battle with cancer is not yet over and he needs our help now more than ever. Eugene recently […]

End Impunity. Our freedom is under siege.

I’d hate to admit, but even as I try my best to not delve into political commentary, the situation everyday compels me to write about what is on my mind. This random image I took yesterday of the National Press Club’s compound from behind a barbed wire fence further convinced me that I should start writing […]

Mr. Bean playing Pokemon Go

This is how Mr. Bean would look like if he played Pokemon Go. Hey Internet (err, social media), just when I thought I’d let you go, you come right back at me with this. Update: I’ve been getting some traffic on this page for people searching for Archon Pokemon Go and I’ve no idea what […]

The Jesus cabbie #ihateMondays

Starting to change my schedule to an early morning one by taking my kids to school, so this in effect revives my #ihateMondays series again because of the commute. That, and I’m off to a meeting in two hours. Status update | 19 June 2016 Jesus cabbie Music was comforting, you close your eyes and all […]

Ongoing: Moving back from Jekyll to WordPress

This is my lousy attempt at trying to live blog my migration from Jekyll to WordPress. Please bear with me, apologies for the 404s. × June 14, 2016, 6:30amI am at the moment migrating my site back from Jekyll into WordPress. You may encounter some dead links throughout the site as I am still choosing […]

Facebook for Business Philippines launch

Facebook announced the opening of its offices in Manila along with their launch of Facebook for Business Philippines this Thursday morning of April 21 at an event held at the Shooting Gallery in Makati. In a Facebook post, Dan Neary, Facebook’s vice president for the Asia Pacific region mentioned the Philippines as “a highly engaged […]

Debunking Five Nights In Pyongyang – East Asia Tribune

This Saturday morning, I woke up to this well-written article entitled, Five Nights in Pyongyang, supposedly from accounts of an investigative journalist going by the byline Chu Jingyi, for a publication called the East Asia Tribune. It was an awesome read, too awesome you’d be left asking if the story checks out at all. Read […]

Star Wars: This is not the Rey you’re looking for

Star Wars: This is not the Rey you’re looking for   I know, this is not the Rey you’re looking for. Read this article about Rey just now, an interesting fan theory on who Rey is. Click through and read up. Spoilers are all over the article, so if you’re brave and haven’t seen the […]